About us

The company was founded in September 2006 by Thomas Latschan.

After leaving Deuta-Werke GmbH’s „electrical and electronic display equipment for industry“ division, Thomas Latschan decided to continue his activities in this business sector. He had been an employee of Deuta-Werke for 36 years and spent the period 1984 to 2006 as Production Manager for analogue display technology. Based on his outstanding skills and expertise in this sector, we, as a Deuta-Werke partner company, continue to produce display equipment for our long-standing, exacting customers in compliance with the same proven quality standards and using the same familiar design under the name “Analoge Anzeigesysteme Latschan e.K.”.

Our products are also manufactured by experienced, well trained former Deuta-Werke employees in our plant in Bergisch Gladbach, thus guaranteeing that the display devices will continue to be of the highest quality (Made in Germany) and offer long service lives.